PSU CS410/510 CS
Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Combinatorial Search
Winter 2001

Welcome to CS410/510 CS. You may be looking for the course syllabus, particularly for the annotated schedule.


Monday 2/12
HW 1a is now graded. You should have received e-mail about your score (or status).
Thursday 2/8
Class will be held this evening: the University does not feel that the weather will be a problem. See you there!
Tuesday 2/6

One of you (William) just pointed out to me that my online page containing 4 NPC problems from Garey and Johnson (that was intended to go with Homework 1B) had a bad typo. The QUESTION for [ND-17] MINIMUM CUT INTO BOUNDED SETS was missing most of the conditions on the sets. It is now corrected.

My apologies for any confusion I caused, and thanks to William for catching it.

Wednesday 1/31
Notes for lectures 3 and 4 are up. These are in Postscript and PDF only, I'm afraid; I got tired of the hassles of doing math formatting using office suites :-).
Saturday 1/20
Homework 1a has been reworded a bit after discussion on the course mailing list.
Friday 1/19
Homework 1a is up. The reserve copies of books are available at the library. The syllabus has been updated quite a bit.
Monday 1/15
My apologies for not updating these pages sooner. My child has been pretty sick for the past few days. I have split off the syllabus, and added this News section to the site. Check here for course details, and subscribe to the mailing list ASAP.

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