PSU CS410/510 SPS: Scheduling, Planning, and Search
Spring 1999

Hi, I'm Bart Massey, your instructor for CS410/510SPS. My office hour is Wednesday 1000-1100, but I'm happy to meet with you most any time by e-mail appointment. In general, e-mail to <> is the best way to get in touch with me.

A syllabus and course announcement are available, as are the earliest lecture notes (in rough outline form)

  1. Introduction To Search
  2. NP-Completeness
  3. Realistic Search Algorithms
  4. Realistic Search Algorithms [really]
  5. Realistic Search Algorithms [really really],
    Constraint Satisfaction
  6. CSP Algorithms
  7. Time Direction in Planning

The homework assignments and some notes on them are online. There are also some links to online papers that are part of the course reading, and to presentation papers for the student presentations this coming week.

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