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Portland State University is Hosting the 2009 West HPV Challenge

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Human Powered Vehicle

(2007-2008 HPV Vike Bike)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s (ASME) Human Powered Vehicle Challenge is an annual competition that allows engineering students from different universities to design and manufacture land, air, and water vehicles. Unbeknownst to most cycle enthusiasts, the recumbent cycle is by far the fastest and most efficient human powered land vehicle. In fact, the land speed record of 81 mph was set by Sam Wittingham of Canada, which was recorded by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. The record speed was achieved using a recumbent bike with an aerodynamic covering, or fairing. Example content image - aligned to the right


The 2006 marked the first time that PSU has participated in the competition in over a decade. Using the recumbent style, fairing, and lighter materials, PSU HPV teams have finished 3rd in last 3 consecutive years (2006, 2007 and 2008). The core of the team is comprised of seniors using the design work of the HPV to fulfill requirements for a senior capstone project. It also includes juniors as main support.

It has been recognized that one of the team’s largest challenges is to raise the funds necessary to be competitive in the competition with other universities. The majority of project funds will be devoted to purchase of materials that comprise the HPV and manufacturing of the HPV. The ideal HPV is light, aerodynamic, comfortable, and safe. With these design goals in mind, materials must be selected with properties that will meet our design specifications and fit within our budget. With your support, the design will supersede the budget constraints as the determining factor in the Vike Trike’s level of success.

2006-2007 took 3rd place at the ASME West Coast Competition!

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