Bid to host ITP 2017 at Portland State University

Portland State University The Computer Science department at Portland State University, in conjunction with colleagues at Intel Corporation and Galois Inc., offers to host ITP 2017, the International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving, in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Portland is a beautiful and friendly city, and a high-tech hub. The Department of Computer Science at Portland State has well-established research programs in theory and practice of programming languages, application of formal methods to hardware and software design, and high-assurance computing backed by interactive theorem proving. It also has strong connections with industrial formal methods researchers and practitioners in the local "Silicon Forest." Intel Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of integrated digital technology platforms, has been a pioneer in the industrial application of interactive theorem proving and other formal methods to all stages of computer system design, including system architecture, algorithms, software, security, and hardware implementation. Galois, Inc. uses interactive theorem proving and other formal methods to design trustworthy systems in areas such as cryptography, scientific computing, embedded systems, and computer security.


We offer to host ITP during one of the last two weeks of August, 2017. Because these dates fall outside of the main university terms, we expect be able to present the conference in a real lecture theater, for which the university will charge at most a nominal fee. Rather than catering lunches, we will invite participants to visit our local food cart pod, which offers a wide range of ethnic food options at bargain prices. By these choices, we expect to keep registration costs very low. (But don't worry; we will cater coffee breaks in the usual way!) In addition, we will be able to offer dorm room accomodation at $60-70/night/room, either single- or double-occupancy; each room has a private bathroom with shower, and a kitchenette with refrigerator. Alternatively, there are many hotel options within easy access of the campus; based on demand for hotel rooms, we will try to negotiate a conference rate with one of them.
Portland State Engineering Building

PSU Park Blocks

Organization and Schedule

The conference will be organized and chaired by
  • Andrew Tolmach (,
  • John O'Leary (, and
  • Brian Huffman (

The Program Committee will be constructed to provide a broad representation of the different interactive theorem proving systems and the major application areas.

The conference will consist of 3 or 4 days of research presentations, invited talks, and poster sessions. As informal discussions are central to the conference, we will allow time between the formal sessions for attendees to mingle and converse. We expect workshops to take place during the day before or after the main conference. The university space allows several parallel workshops to be hosted if needed.

In addition to the scientific program, the schedule will include an excursion, conference dinner, and a further informal social event.

Local information

Portland, Oregon is located on the west coast of the United States, between San Francisco and Seattle. Portland State is located in the heart of downtown Portland, with dozens of restaurants, hotels, and shops accessible on foot, streetcar, or MAX light rail. The Portland airport enjoys daily non-stop service from Amsterdam and Tokyo (and more limited service from London, Keflavik and Frankfurt) and many major US cities, as well as the usual hub connections, including many international connections via Seattle (a 45-minute shuttle flight away). There is light rail service from the airport directly to the PSU campus.

Portland is famous for its easy access to areas of outstanding natural beauty (including the Pacific coast, the Columbia River gorge, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens) and outdoor activities, its world-class food and beer culture, and its overall hipness and weirdness.

Portland weather in August is usually dry and quite warm, with average highs around 27 Celsius.

We look forward to welcoming the ITP community to our city and are happy to receive questions on further details of our plans.