Experience Report: Using Objective Caml to develop safety-critical embedded tool in a certification framework

Bruno Pagano, Olivier Andrieu, Thomas Moniot, Benjamin Canou, Emmanuel Chailloux, Philippe Wang, Pascal Manoury and Jean-Louis Colaco

The 14th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2009)
Edinburgh, Scotland, 31st August - 2nd September 2009


High-level tools have become unavoidable in industrial software development process. Safety-critical embedded programs don't escape this trend.

In the context of the safety-critical embedded, the development processes follow strict guidelines and requirements. The development quality assurance applies as well to the final embedded code, as to the tools themselves.

The French company Esterel-Technologies decided in 2006 to base on Objective Caml its new SCADE Suite(TM) certifiable code generator. This paper outlines how it has been challenging in the context of safety-critical embedded software development by the rigourous norms DO-178B, EN 50128, IEC 61508 and such.

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