CS577 Compiler Construction (Modern Language Processors) Spring 2002

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

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The single most useful set of meaningful benchmarks available for free is from the Java Grande Forum. Users on the CS Solaris network can access the source and .class files in directory /u/apt/jgf/v2.0. These benchmarks are biased towards floating point array computations. I'd recommend running a combination of floating point and integer benchmarks, including some that create lots of objects, from sections 2 and 3. Good possibilities include raytracer, heapsort, and crypt. Note that some of the benchmarks run a long time, even in the smallest ("A") size; be kind to your fellow users if running these on a shared machine.


  • Homework 1 (due 4/17/02) (postscript) (pdf)
  • BCEL .jar file Documentation Source
  • example.java example.class
  • Homework 2 (due 5/29/02) (postscript) (pdf)
  • compile.java (REVISED ONCE MORE 3 June 12 noon. Fixes a minor bug in stack heights.)
  • Sample solution: compile1.java
  • BCEL .jar file Documentation Source
  • SPIM Simulator Homepage. The simulator is installed in the CS Solaris network in directory /u/apt/spim/bin.


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