CS558 Programming Languages Winter 2022

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

Course Information



Subject to change!

Date Lab Due Reading Lecture Topics Self-study
Jan 4 Scott 1 Introduction; High-level vs. low-level languages; Stack machines (pdf) (recording) questions [updated 8Jan22 8:55pm] answers
Jan 6 Scott 2.1,6.1 Concrete and abstract syntax; Grammars; Expressions (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Jan 11 Lab 1 Scott 6.2-5 Imperative languages; Structured programming (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Jan 13 Gordon, pp. 7-27 Semantics; Axiomatic semantics (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Jan 18 Lab 2 Scott 3.1-3,3.5 Binding; Scope (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Jan 20 (none) Memory; Large values; Equality (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Jan 25 Lab 3 Winskel 2.1-5 Operational Semantics (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Jan 27 Scott 9.1-3, 6.6 Procedures and the stack; Calling Conventions (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Feb 1 Lab 4 (sample midterm questions) Review for Midterm (recording) questions answers
Feb 3 Midterm Exam - at home on WebLab -- no class meeting
Feb 8 (none) Recursion (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Feb 10 Scott 9.4-5 Exceptions; Coroutines (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Feb 15 Lab 5 Scott 3.6-7, Scott 11 Functional programming; First-class functions (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Feb 17 (none) Closures; Continuations (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Feb 22 Lab 6 Scott 7 Type systems; Type checking; Type equivalence (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Feb 24 (none) Polymorphism; Type inference (pdf) (handout with slide 8 method details) (recording) questions answers
Mar 1 Lab 7 Scott 8 Composite types (pdf) (recording) TypesInHaskell.hs TypesInHaskell_with_solutions.hs questions answers
Mar 3 (none) Modules; Abstract data types (pdf) (recording) (no study questions)
Mar 8 Scott 10 Object-oriented languages (pdf) (recording) questions answers
Mar 10 (sample final questions) Review and catch-up (recording) questions answers
Mar 11 Lab 8
Mar 14-18 Final exam week


Additional Required Reading

Scala Language Resources

We will be using Scala 2.12 in the labs for this course. The latest version of Scala 2 is 2.13; this will probably also work OK, but it is safest to stick to 2.12 to make sure programs behave the same way for everyone. Scala 3 is a significantly different language, which you should not try to use for this course.