CS321 Languages and Compiler Design I Fall 2010

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

Teaching Assistant: Xingzhi Pan ("Harry")

Course Information

Required Readings

Suggested Exercises

From Engineering a Compiler. Solutions can be checked out from the reserve desk in Millar Library or from the tutors in the basement of FAB.


Lecture Notes and Supporting Code

Lectures are recorded and will be available on-line shortly after each class. The index of taped lectures is here. The "echo link" gives the more flexible viewing experience. To access the recorded lectures you will need to provide your Odin account name and password. (If you don't have an Odin account, see here.)

fab Language

Homework Assignments

All homeworks (from #1 onwards) should be submitted by email to cs321-03@cecs.pdx.edu. Remember that your submission file(s) should be attached to your mail message.

Java Resources