CS321 Languages and Compiler Design I Winter 2012

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

Teaching Assistant: Brian Ledger

Course Information

Required Readings

Suggested Exercises

Problems from Engineering a Compiler. Numbers of exercises are given in the form first-edition-number [second-edition-number]. Solutions (numbered as in the first edition) are available here using the user name "cs321" and the password given in class. Please do not copy the solution file or make any part of it visible on the open web.


Lecture Notes and Supporting Code

fab Language

Homework Assignments

All homeworks (from #1 onwards) should be submitted by email to cs321-03@cecs.pdx.edu. Put "[hwn]", where n is the homework number, as the subject. Your submission file(s) should be attached to your mail message; if you submit multiple files be sure to zip them together first. Be sure to include your name in a comment inside your code files.

Java Resources