CS320 Principles of Programming Languages Winter 2019

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

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Syntax and semantics. Compilers and interpreters. Programs as data. Regular expressions and context free grammars. Programming paradigms, including procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming. Type systems, including dynamic and static typing disciplines. Binding, scope, data abstraction, and modularity. Denotational, operational, and axiomatic semantics. Introduction to program correctness.


Officially: CS202, and CS251, passed with grades of C or better. CS201 is also strongly advised. It is assumed that you have substantial programming experience in C++ and/or C.

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This schedule is tentative and subject to change.
Week Lecture Date Topic
1 Jan 8 Introduction; From C/C++ to Java
2 Jan 15 Language Specification and Implementation
3 Jan 22 Object-oriented Programming and Data Abstraction in Java
4 Jan 29 Scripting Languages: Python
5 Feb 5 Regular Expressions in Python
6 Feb 12 Review and Midterm exam
7 Feb 19 Functional Programming in Haskell
8 Feb 26 Algebraic data types in Haskell
9 Mar 5 Grammars and Syntax
10 Mar 12 Expressiveness, Computability and Formal Semantics
11 Mar 19 Final exam 10:15-12:05



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