Connect 4: The rules of the game

To win a game a player must occupy four adjacent positions in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. A player can occupy a position only if there is no empty position below it. When the sprite is placed on a position that can be occupied, the position changes color. Players alternate in occupying positions.

The menu



The game is intended to be played by a human against the machine. However, it is possible to play both human against human and machine against machine games. The Players menu provides self-explaining choices for all the possible combinations of player. Note that the combination of players may be reset by a new game. If New Game is selected when the current game is not terminated, the player moving first of the new game is always human regardless of the combination of players in effect when New Game is selected.


Normally, one players makes a move after the other until the game is terminated. This menu allows a human player to change this order. When the program waits for a human move, the player can select one of the following options. These options are no longer available after the game is terminated.


This menu is intended to define the quality of the machine move. Levels at the top of the menu lead to fast move. Levels at the bottom of the menu lead to supposedly better moves. The underlying strategy, known as open line, is naive and no level is very challenging. Some levels are interesting only for very small children.


This menu provides information about the program (currently disabled by the jnlp protocol.)

Slovak translation courtesy of Margareta Sliwka.
Ukrainian translation courtesy of Sandi Wolfe.
Bosnian translation courtesy of Amina Dugalic.
French translation courtesy of Jean-Etienne Bergemer.
Czech translation courtesy of Ivana Horak.

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