CS510-610 Functional Logic Programming --- Fall 2017

(Version Aug 21, 2017)


Sergio Antoy
office: FAB 120-02
e-mail: antoy@cs.pdx.edu
homepage: http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~antoy/
office hours: Tue & Thu at 9:30 AM and by appointment
class time and location: see the Schedule
This course provides an introduction to functional logic programming throught its basic ideas, foundations and implementation techniques. FLP combines the distinctive features of functional programming (algebraic data types, lazy evaluation, polymorphic typing, first-class functions, monadic I/O) and logic programming (logic variables, non-determinism, search) seamlessly through narrowing and residuation. The course will address three kinds of questions: Why are these features useful? What is their underlying theory? How can they be implemented? Lectures will be augmented with weekly programming assignments in Curry, a leading functional logic language. Exercises will serve both to illustrate the use of the language and to illuminate the underlying theory and implementation issues. Prior exposure to functional or logic programming will be useful, but is not required.
CS558 Programming Languages.
Regular lectures. Weekly assigned readings. Weekly homework exercises in Curry using the PAKCS programming environment. Midterm and comprehensive final exam.
Students will be given considerable latitude in focusing either on the theory or the practice and/or in exploring research opportunities in this area. Students are expected to learn the main concepts of declarative programming, to understand the key principles on which functional logic programming is based, to know one or more functional logic languages, and to be able to translate problems into programs in these languages.

Contacts: antoy@cs.pdx.edu
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