Ameeta Agrawal

Ameeta Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Portland State University

ameeta at

My primary research interests are in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Computational Social Sciences.

Before moving to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Data Mining lab at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, York University, Canada, where I also obtained my Ph.D. and MSc. in Computer Science under the supervision of Aijun An.

Recent Updates:

  • [Sep 2021] Our paper on sustainable pretraining accepted at SustaiNLP at EMNLP 2021 (honorable mention for best paper award!) ✨
  • [Jun 2021] Our paper accepted at SmartComp 2021 (wip).
  • [Apr 2021] Received a research grant from Cisco Research! ✨
  • [Mar 2021] Kicked off a new monthly seminar series in collaboration with Applied Linguistics.
  • [Sep 2020] Looking for motivated and hard-working students to join our NLP lab.
  • [Sep 2020] Joined Portland State as Assistant Professor! ✨
  • [Apr 2020] Our paper on sarcasm detection has been accepted at SIGIR 2020.
  • [Apr 2020] Our paper on preprocessing before pretraining accepted at ACL 2020.

Prospective Students: I’m always looking for motivated and hard-working students who want to pursue a Ph.D. degree to join our NLP Group.


Current research interests:

We’re interested in exploring three broad ideas under the guiding principle of Thoughtful Technology:

  1. Sustainable: how can we develop more sustainable NLP solutions and what would be the trade-off between sustainability and performance?
  2. Social: human language comes in a myriad of flavors - how can we develop computational models that work fairly well across broader social dimensions?
  3. Applicable: how can we leverage these language technologies for some real-world/interdisciplinary applications? For instance, can affective dimensions (emotion/sentiment/sarcasm) serve as early indicators of population displacement patterns?

NLP Group

Grad Students


Aaron Hudson

MSc Student


Olubusayo Olabisi

PhD Student


Rhitabrat Pokharel

PhD Student


Steve Braich

MSc Student

Research Interns


Vikram Nagapudi

Research Intern (high school)


Willenton Bridges

LSAMP Research Intern


  • [2022 Winter] CS 410/510 Adventures in NLP

  • [2021 Fall] CS 410/510 Introduction to Natural Language Processing

  • [2021 Spring] CS 410/510 Adventures in NLP

  • [2021 Winter] CS 410/510 Introduction to Natural Language Processing


Seminars + Talks

  • Weekly NLP seminars [Schedule]

  • Monthly NLP + Applied Linguistics seminars (w/ Dr. Susan Conrad)

    • [May 21, 2021] Exploring Bridges between NLP and Corpus Linguistics
    • [June 30, 2021] What is Text Complexity?
    • [July 23, 2021] Ongoing Research at NLP lab
    • [Sept 23, 2021] Tools and Resources
    • [Oct 22, 2021] From a Computational Perspective: A Targeted Assessment of Incremental Processing in Neural Language Models and Humans”, by Wilcox et al., 2021
    • [Nov 19, 2021] TBA

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