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Email: alawini at cecs.pdx.edu

  • Portland State University graduate student offering a strong academic and professional background in Information Technology combined with excellent management experience as an IT Manager and as a Labs Coordinator.
  • Database scientist with more than two years of experience contributing to scientific data management research studies for tools that help scientists better manage and analyze their datasets.
  • Experienced with project management, advanced engineering economics management, and team building and communication skills


 “Abdussalam and I studied together at Portland State University. While working in projects with Abdussalam it was clear that he was excellent leader that helped organize and focus the teams efforts to ensure project completeness and success.” September 18, 2011

David Tucker, PMP MBA, Student, Portland State University,
studied with Abdussalam at Portland State University

“Abdussalam is one of the brightest students I have had. In addition to his individual contributions in my classes, he has been an effective team leader in the project teams has been a part of. He has been extremely dilligent and creative through the classes.” June 17, 2011

Tugrul Daim, Associate Professor and Director of the Technology Management PhD Program, Portland State University,
taught Abdussalam at Portland State University

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Abdussalam on several projects over the last two years. He has always done an amazing job; delivering well beyond what is expected, on time, in every case, and embracing the opportunity to shine. Abdussalam has a keen intellect, a thirst for knowledge, and would be an asset to any organization or project.” June 17, 2011

Wilson Zehr, CEO, Cendix,
studied with Abdussalam at Portland State University

“I have had a Mr. Alawini in a number of my classes. In those classes Mr. Alawini worked in a team environment on a number of difficult issues: One, the “front-end” evaluation of the commercial potential of a PSU-developed diagnostic tool for Ovarian Cancer, and the other an evaluation of the potential for application of “Cloud Computing” in electronic personal health care records. In both cases, Mr. Alwini performed outstandingly, showing incite and dedication to pursuing the projects. I highly recommend Mr. Alawini as someone with capability and focus which will serve him well in his chosen profession.” June 9, 2011

Paul R Newman, Ph.D., Professor- Eng. & Tech. Management, Portland State University,
taught Abdussalam at Portland State University

 “Abdussalam is a diligent student who brings insight and energy to the classroom.” May 18, 2011

Sergio Antoy, Prof, Portland State University,
taught Abdussalam at Portland State University

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