October 17th, 2012 @ Harvestworks, 6.30p
LECTURE/DEMO: Using SuperCollider to forge the sound architecture of Wappen Field

Presented with Michelle Jaffé -- sculptor, designer, director and producer of Wappen Field.
Sponsored by the Volumetric Society.

Event details at: http://www.meetup.com/volumetric/events/85890472/

WAPPEN FIELD is a sculpture and sound installation comprised of twelve chrome plated steel helmets resembling face guards.
A dedicated speaker in each helmet transforms the sculpture into an immersive audio environment. Sound events are based on a large
collection of unique vocal recordings made specifically for this work. They are algorithmically reconstructed, recombined and
spatialized using the SuperCollider audio programming language. The sonic configuration imagines the collective unconscious as
energy propelled between yin and yang impulses.

Since 2000, MICHELLE JAFFÉ has explored space and volume in two separate yet complementary ways: in sculpture and sound,
creating participatory installations. She incorporates sound to experience space viscerally as a dimensional volume full of association
and memory. She is interested in pre-cognitive states of mind, reaching deep into collective memory, while referencing design,
fashion, cultural cues and our current social and political space. "Wappen Field" installation effectively combines sound with
sculpture, creating a venture greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Jaffé has received NYSCA and NYFA grants in addition to artist residencies at Brooklyn College Computer Music Department,
MacDowell and Djerassi. Her solo exhibitions include Bosi Contemporary, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids,
Susan Berko Conde Gallery in NY. Group shows include Queens Museum of Art, Middlebury College, Lehman College, UC Santa
Barbara, Islip Art Museum.

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